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Direct CHB

Rated best in class Customs Brokerage

Direct CHB is a reputable and experienced customs brokerage and compliance firm that has been providing valuable services to clients for over a decade. Our primary focus is on ensuring that your cargo is moved efficiently and effectively, while fully complying with all regulations and standards set forth by US Customs and Border Protection.

As a licensed customs broker, we understand the importance of adhering to all rules and regulations when it comes to importing and exporting goods. We are committed to providing timely and accurate guidance throughout the process, including proper classification of tariff and duty amounts to ensure that you receive maximum benefits from any free trade agreements in place.

At Direct CHB, we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional customer service, superior quality, and competitive prices. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you navigate through any challenges that may arise, ensuring a seamless import and export experience. Choose Direct CHB for all your customs brokerage and compliance needs.

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What We Provide

Industry Leading Customs Brokerage

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Customs Clearance

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Customs Bonds

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Tariff Classification

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Transparent Pricing

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Whatever your needs are, we'll work with you to customize our services to fit your business

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